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"I got a glimpse of a Givi Trekker case on Bill Carr’s Multi. He had mounted a Trekker 46L as a top case, which I immediately copied. The Trekker cases have a very utilitarian design and the quality of construction is excellent. They feature a very tight seal from the elements and a dual-design lid, which allows the user to open the entire lid or only the front quarter. I find this very handy on rides where you really just need to retrieve a hat, sunglasses, etc. It also has your friends going, ‘Whoa! Wait a minute!’ Well, winter is coming and you can easily steal this idea from me. I am throwing it out into the public domain. Give the boys at Ducati Indianapolis a call and let them set you up."   -Gene C.


"Friendly and courteous motorcycle fanatics in a beautiful shop. You will enjoy dealing with these people. Tommy took care of all my needs for my Monster 1200S. I would call or email him, and he would always get back to me. Thank you for your help and getting my Monster set up."  -Shawn C.


"I bought my 848 Evo in April of 2013. The dealership was clean, organized, and easy to find. The staff was there to serve the me and went over and beyond what I expected. They suggested some gear before I left because I was riding two hours without a jacket or helmet. I could tell they genuinely cared and because of that they earned my business on the bike and accessories and service afterwards!"  -James Y.

"A family owned and run business that makes you feel like home; with exceptional service, and impeccable attention to detail."   -Brian G.


"Gotta give a massive shout out to Ducati Indianapolis for helping me get my bike parts in so fast. I could not have gotten a 1st place this season without them. Just have to hand it to you guys for all of your hard work to make this year possible."  -Gavin N.


"Thank you to the guys at Ducati Indianapolis for helping me with my Monster project."  -Will L.

The pros, by far, outweigh the cons on my 2011 Ducati Multistrada S.  The bike has been raved about, extensively, from owners and magazines alike.  I, like most motorcycle owners, am never quite happy enough. Over the last 2 1/2 years of owning this bike I have had some of the more standard mods done, including, exhaust, tune boy dyno tuned, front and rear springs to match my weight, because I'm a bit on the heavier side, and now upgraded Brembo HP rotors for the front.  I have always had my work done at Indy Ducati and it was their recommendation to do this. The Multi out of the box brake system is adequate, for most riding. My complaints came during extended, spirited riding found in the states to the south and east of us. During this, I would get fade under heavy braking and at times a slight hop maybe from a small warp in one of the rotors. It was also underperforming when riding 2 up, with luggage.  I never felt comfortable really pushing the brakes.

 I know what some of you are thinking, it's a Multi, if you want to ride like that you should get an SBK.  Well friends, to answer that, I really don't want to ride hundreds of miles a day leaned over and not exactly sure how it would do on gravel.  To answer that, if you have never ridden a Multi I would strongly encourage you to ride a demo! 

 Back to the brakes.  Immediately after picking up the bike it was easy to tell the rotors were an upgrade. The inside of the rotor was once a faded black is now a very nice Brembo gold that matches nicely to the Ohlins.  After taking off, the initial bite was a great deal better. On my 60 mile trip home of mixed highway and back roads, the brakes never lost feeling. The brake bite was constant, with no fade.  I'm looking forward to really putting them through the paces!  I'm confident that they will stand up to the task.  If you have a Multi, and would like a great upgrade, I would highly recommend this! 

I want to give a big thanks to the folks at Indy Ducati for all of there help.  Travis D.


Just wanted to thank you guys for all your help loading my 1199 up after it's 7,500 mi. service today.  I just wanted you to know I appreciate your honesty, follow up, and overall customer experience every time I walk though your doors.  My business is very customer oriented so my expectation are higher than most.  We usually hear all about the negative experiences but complements are hard to come by. You guys are top notch in my book. Keep up the good work and thanks again for taking care of me! Matt M.


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