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2010-2012 Multistrada DP Full System and ECU 

80F Sunny

Warmed bike up to 150F and rode up Michigan Road for 4 miles and coolant temp was at 175F

Pulled over in parking lot and let bike run up to 217F and the fans kicked on and it did not get hotter than 221F

Rode 4 miles back to shop and coolant temp went back down to 174F

Let it sit in front heat soaked prking lot and it got up to 230F then went back down and stayed at 217-221F

Notes: New Radiator, radiator cap and thermostat



2017 Diavel Deisel Stock

89F Sunny

Warmed bike up to 160 and ran it down Michigan Rd 1 mile to 465.

After riding freeway for 6 miles in 6th gear at 65mph the coolant temp was 172F

I rode back in 4th gear at 45 mph and it was running 184F and I did not stop due to roundabouts keeping me moving.

I pulled into the shopping center and rode slowly around about 1/2 mile and the temp slowly creeped up to 200F. I stopped and let it get up to the fans where it bounced between 217-219F.

I had a short 1/2 mile ride back and the tem began to drop again.


SBK 1198

2009 1198 Stock

90F Sunny

Warmed bike up to 210 and rode up Michigan Road at 65 miles an hour for 6 miles without stopping and bike lowered and stabilized at 180F

When I slowed down to 45 behind a truck it went up to 190F and then again back to 180F when I ran 60mph for a mile without the truck in front of me.

Taking a 30mph side road it climbed to high 190's.

At a stop it will climb from 180F to 200F in one minute and to the fans in two minutes.

Notes: No side fairings.


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